The Geandre Story

When all is said and done, wine is about people. It’s about the love and care the vineyard owners show their grapes. It’s about the vision of the winemakers. And more than anything else, it’s about the personal taste of those who drink it. Unfortunately, it sometimes seems these days that much of that personal touch has been lost: Vines are forced to produce more fruit than they can naturally handle, some of the world’s most popular wines are made in wineries that resemble nothing so much as factories, and huge corporations decide which wines to bring into the country based only on what they believe will sell.

But this company, thankfully, is different. Gene and Irina Rozinsky, the founders of Geandre Wine Importers, believe in that old-fashioned notion that wine is about nothing more and nothing less than the people who make and enjoy it. Wine has, after all, been in Gene’s family for generations: Back in the late 1800’s, his great-grandfather, Lucca Eugenio Giordani, was raised among the vines and olive trees of his family’s land in northern Italy. Now, three generations later, Gene and his wife Irina are carrying on that old family tradition. And because of this family history, they take a very personal kind of pride in all the wines they represent. Geandre, in fact, only imports wines that Gene and Irina are passionate about on a personal level. “Wine,” Gene says, “is not just a delicious, elegant, and aristocratic beverage. It is also part of ancient family tradition, culture, and our shared history as lovers of wine.”

Fortunately for all of us, that philosophy is reflected in every bottle Geandre represents.

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